Welcome to Proud Lions Club - Travel Membership NFT

A collection of 7,777 unique Ethereum based, powerful and badass Lions and Lionesses! Each Lion is carefully handcrafted and curated by mastermind Sri Lankan artists Asad Farook and Prasangi K. We wanted to bring the true essence of NFT art back, whilst also focusing on the Utilities.
Proud Lions Club NFT collection is a Travel Membership program with access to exclusive Luxury travel arrangements, travel discounts and Staking rewards. Whilst also supporting a social cause.
Showcase your NFTs while travelling the world - Win free trips and Ethereum - Own a part of the future of tourism.
We are a team of Travel experts, IT experts and gaming gurus. With over 35+ years expertise in travel and tousirm industry, 10+ years in IT, 4 years of Crypto and NFTs , no one understands Travel and blockchain technology the way we do. To top it all off, our 10 years of gaming and community building skills gives us an edge over all others. We do not follow the same boring NFT standard code every single project puts out there, we have put together some new innovative and advanced technologies and utilities, the NFT space has never seen before. Join us on this journey and experience a 'New Breed of NFT"
๐Ÿ†• Buy our NFTs with a Credit / Debit card or ETH ๐Ÿ†•Use Crypto payments to book your holiday packages, right from our Website!
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