Why Lions?
What makes the lion the king of the jungle? It’s not because he’s the heaviest, tallest, smartest or the most beautiful species in the animal kingdom. It’s simply because of how he portrays himself – his attitude represents him and that is what distinguishes between a leader and follower.
Massive animals like elephants and tall animals like giraffes are terrified of the lion. Why? When the lion sees them, the only thing that comes to his mind is “that’s my food” and he acts upon his belief.
Likewise, when these animals encounter a lion, they flee for their lives, their only cognition being “predator, beast”.
Simply put, attitude is the result of believing. Your attitude is determined by your beliefs, and you cannot do anything beyond what you believe.
We at PLC believe we can make a change in the NFT community through our project as it not only represents our community, but also the country from which we hail.
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