The Story Behind the Artwork
The PLC collection has a very unique art concept and mechanic built into it. It is a blend between a 1 of 1 and generative artwork. We have high detailed digitally hand-painted base avatars, the male Lion art is the craftsmanship of skilled artist Asad Farook, while our Female Lioness art is the creation of brilliant Sri Lankan artist Prasangi Kulasinghe.
We wanted to bring the best of both worlds as well as bring back the true essence of NFTs, which is the art. All our art is high-quality 4000x4000px, holders will have the opportunity to download these hi-res files from our website once they mint the NFT, giving them full IP rights.
The NFT space is currently saturated with AI-generated artwork, which hardly pays homage to the art community and we wanted to stand out and make a difference.
Each base avatar took a total of 20 days to perfect and the results are just outstanding. We thank both our artists for the amazing work and effort put into this.
Every single trait of the PLC collection is digitally hand-painted, stroke by stroke and tailor-made to fit each base avatar precisely. Because of the varying body shapes and non-uniformity of the hand-drawn avatars, the collection needed to be generated in mini-batches, to ensure a perfect fit. This gives the collection the ability to have a unique rarity system based on the number of hours spent detailing each trait.
The collection has over 120+ unique traits, including some custom animated backgrounds, Sri Lankan traits and pop culture trending traits.

Check out our artist works :

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